Shandan Army Horse Ranch

Shandan Army Horse Ranch is located in the middle part of Hexi corridor, on the north slope of Qilian Mountain, which is About 55 km from Shandan County of Zhangye prefecture.

The ranch has over 2000 years of history and is the largest of its kind in Asia. More than 10,000 horses are herded here and these are used by the army of China. It is definitely a very unique and an interesting location to visit and a great place to observe these magnificent creatures in their full glory.

This horse farm has introduced Turkestan horses, Mongolian horses and Shandan horse hybrids popular throughout the country since Western Han Dynasty. This horse ranch has therefore been the base of the military and royal horses through several dynasties in ancient times. The Shandan horses are strong, well shaped and very easy to feed. They excel in endurance, strength, speed and adaptability and are therefore ideal for pulling, riding and carrying loads. The total number of these magnificent Shandan horses today exceeds 10,000.

 Shandan Army Horse Ranch has also been featured in several movies. During the 80s, a movie known as the Wrangler had been shot by the Shanghai Film Studio and allowed audiences throughout the country to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the horses of the ranch. Various foreign and domestic film studios have since then used this ranch for documentaries and movies. Over 30 films are so far shot at the ranch including Wang Zhaojun, Princess Wencheng, The Wrangler and Mongolian Flower.

Shandan Army Horse Ranch is not just popular for its strong horses but is also an extremely beautiful place with rolling grasslands and surrounded by beautiful, magnificent mountains.