Colorful Life

City Introduction

Zhangye is located in north - west Gansu province and middle part of Hexi corridor. It was once called “Gan” state and is the origin of the name for “Gansu” province.

Zhangye enjoys anther name “Golden Zhangye” among Chinese people. It’s an oasis with fertile land and rich products. The black river, the second largest inland river of China with other 26 rivers of different sizes supplies enough water for its agriculture and industries.  

Zhangye produces good farm products such as pear, Chinese dates, apple, peach, grapes, onion, eggplant and pepper….. It is one of the most important commodity grain base and vegetable & fruits base of china.

Zhangye has an area around 40,874 sq km and has 6 counties under its administration with population about 1,310,000. It has 38 different ethnic groups, such as Han, Hui, Tibetan, Mongolian, Yugur...

Folk Custom

Zhangye was a multi nation occupied area.Farming and nomadic industry alternated in history. So the folk culture and folk custom has evident regional characteristics and reflects ethnic fusion.

Ganzhou lantern array
Each year, on the day of the lantern festival, the local people in Ganzhou district held the lantern array ceremony. This ceremony has thousands of years of history, which stem directly from the sacrificing ceremony in the Shang dynasty. The lantern array was spread in an area of 400 sq meters. It is consisted of 365 lanterns which hang on 365 pine trees. The 365 lanterns represent 365 patron gods and 365 days in a year, as well as 365 different professions.  The lantern array is like a maze inside and there is only one entrance and one exit.  The visitor to the lantern array will take one lantern back home. This lantern and the patron god it represents will protect the family for the whole year and give them good luck.

Zhangye SheHuo
社She in ancient Chinese prose means the land god, Huo 火 means performers. Shehuo is a kind of entertainment and ceremony for farmers, which consists of dancing, singing, drum playing, dragon dance, lion dance, Land boat dance, walking on stilts etc. Shehuo ceremony is very popular in Zhangye and it’s a spectacular event for all of China.

Local Delicacies

Ganzhou Fish-Like Dough
It’s made of wheat or barley dough. The dough will first be cut into small pieces and then rubbed by hand into little fish-like noodle (with two pointed ends). The fish-like dough could be boiled and fried and eat with vegetables together.

Little dough dices
It looks like little potato dices in the soup. In fact the dices were made of dough. Mixed with beef dices, bean curd dices and onion its super delicious and enjoys great popularity among locals.